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State Board of Education will hold a special meeting

The State Board of Education will hold a special meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 20, to discuss unelected Board member Diane Zook’s sweeping proposals to radically reshape the Little Rock School District.

Zook and others on the Board want to get rid of the Teacher Fair Dismissal Act for ALL LRSD employees. The fair dismissal law provides basic due process rights for teachers to protect them from being targeted for political or personal reasons. This protection has been enshrined in law since 1979. We have a massive teacher shortage in the state. How will this do anything but make it harder to attract and retain teachers in the LRSD? How can we put our kids first if we’re putting our teachers last?

Zook also wants to reconstitute (read: fire everyone and start over) Hall High School, to reorganize administrative staff (read: fire more people) and more. In other words, this unelected former teacher from Izard County wants to reign supreme over the LRSD.

It’s critically important that we push back against Zook’s proposals and tell her and rest of the Board that this is #OurLRSD, and it’s time to give it back!

The meeting is at the State Board of Education Building on the Capitol Mall (the u-shaped drive on the west side of the State Capitol). Parking can be tricky to find; plan to allow plenty of time to find a spot and be prepared to walk.

Email Gina Windle at to ask to be added to the Public Comment section of the agenda.